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Bilberry Whole Food Tablet

70% of a tablet consist of whole bilberry including skin and seed
95% body's absorption
Tasty chewable tablet without artificial sweetener or flavor
Good for children and elderly


Freeze Dried Whole Bilberry

No Additive
No Chemical
No Sweetener
Hand picked
Wild (Less pesticide than organic)

$7 (20g 0.7oz)
Shipping information
UK & Europe: 3-7 days by mail, USA & Worldwide: 1-2 weeks by mail (Please check with the national post service). Not available for Japan. Please contact us if your order does not arrive within 2 weeks (UK & Europe) or within 4 weeks (USA & Worldwide).
*A package box will be unfold in envelope to avoid possible damage.
Why Whole Food? Bilberry Effect on Eye Bilberry or Blueberry?  Reviews About  vs Extract
Gunborg 95 yrs old woman: I was told by doctor at hospital of university that my ocular tension is as high as 28mmHg. After taking this tablet for 1 month, I went to the same doctor and measured again. Surprisingly it had decreased to 17mmHg. Moreover, eye vision seems to have become better. I was asked by the doctor to change my glasses. The taste of this tablet is the same as frozen bilberry in my fridge. I will recommend this tablet to my sister who also have high ocular tension.
Sight became clear
Vision became better so I changed my glasses
Fatigue of eye disappeared
Rheum has disappeared
Stomach feels better
Love to continue taking the tablets since they taste good
I saw immediate effect on my blood at clinic. Red cell separated itself quickly.
It relieve stress
Amount of additive is little, so it feels like it is natural food.
It is first time to know the taste of bilberry. It is different from blueberry
I hate to swallow capsules and tablets. Therefore I like this tablet that I can chew I have it in my office. I eat it when I am peckish or when my eyes are tired.
I am an old woman who has difficulty swallowing tablets. This tablet become very soft while in my mouth
I am a professional tennis player, and I have experienced good effect on dynamic vision.
I am Olympic gold medal holder in table tennis who now teach youth. I have experienced good effect of this tablet so I am recommending these tablets to my students.
46 yrs old man who work in governmental office: I have had IBS (Irritable bowel syndrome) for many years. I have tried many medicines and supplements but only this tablets work for my problems. I can not live without it.
45 yrs old, man, construction worker: I have UC (ulcerative colitis disease), but it my stomach problems have never returned after taking this tablet


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