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Bilberry Whole Food Tablet

70% of a tablet consist of whole bilberry including skin and seed
95% body's absorption
Tasty chewable tablet without artificial sweetener or flavor
Good for children and elderly


Freeze Dried Whole Bilberry

No Additive
No Chemical
No Sweetener
Hand picked
Wild (Less pesticide than organic)

$7 (20g 0.7oz)
Shipping information
UK & Europe: 3-7 days by mail, USA & Worldwide: 1-2 weeks by mail (Please check with the national post service). Not available for Japan. Please contact us if your order does not arrive within 2 weeks (UK & Europe) or within 4 weeks (USA & Worldwide).
*A package box will be unfold in envelope to avoid possible damage.
Why Whole Food? Bilberry Effect on Eye Bilberry or Blueberry?  Reviews About  vs Extract

Our bilberry whole food tablet contains all nutritious in bilberry extract including anthocyanin, but bilberry extract does not contain the same as our tablet.


@ Our tablet Extract tablet/capsule
Nutrition of bilberry Anthocyanin, Vitamin A, B1, B6, C, E, Folic acid, Beta carotene, calcium, Zinc, Iron, Potassium, Magnesium, 13 kinds of Amino acid Only anthocyanin
Taste Taste of natural bilberry @ Bitter (not edible)
So how should it be named? Bilberry supplement Anthocyanin supplement
Absorption method Sublingual absorption (9.5 times better absorption than intestinal absorption) and/or intestinal absorption  Intestinal absorption
Production place FDA registerd GMP factory in Sweden Extract is mostly made in China
Quality of bilberry Food quality Extract use with impurities and contamination. Sometimes, residues are left from juice factory since only the anthocyanin is needed
Amount of bilberry in each tablet/capsule 66% 10-30%

Less anthocyanin in our tablet than in extract? - Practically NO

By sublingual absorption. The body will absorb the anthocyanin 9.5 times better than intestinal absorption and this is possible by Bilberry Sweden. So practically you absorb the anthocyanin 9.5 times better.


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