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Bilberry Whole Food Tablet

70% of a tablet consist of whole bilberry including skin and seed
95% body's absorption
Tasty chewable tablet without artificial sweetener or flavor
Good for children and elderly


Freeze Dried Whole Bilberry

No Additive
No Chemical
No Sweetener
Hand picked
Wild (Less pesticide than organic)

$7 (20g 0.7oz)
Shipping information
UK & Europe: 3-7 days by mail, USA & Worldwide: 1-2 weeks by mail (Please check with the national post service). Not available for Japan. Please contact us if your order does not arrive within 2 weeks (UK & Europe) or within 4 weeks (USA & Worldwide).
*A package box will be unfold in envelope to avoid possible damage.
Why Whole Food? Bilberry Effect on Eye Bilberry or Blueberry?  Reviews About  vs Extract
What is bilberry? - A kind of blueberry


Bilberry is used in all blueberry eye supplement All other kinds of blueberry contain anthocyanin only in the skin (inside of the blueberry fruit is white color and contain very little anthocyanin). Whole bilberry contains anthocyanin both inside and outside (skin). You can easily tell since the color of anthocyanin is purple.


@ Bilberry
 (Vaccinium myrtillus L)
(many different kinds)
Price High (Because it is picked by hand) Low (Because it is cultivated and picked by machine)
Growing Area Scandinavia (Sweden, Finland) North America and rest of the world
Main Usage Ingridient for eye supplement Food (jam, juice, frozen)
Pros High anthocyanin
Pesticide is less than organic bluberry since it is grow in natural
Grow naturally
Even and big size
Sweet taste
Cons Uneven size
It can not be cultivated
Pesticide is often used
Low anthocyanin


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