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Bilberry Whole Food Tablet

70% of a tablet consist of whole bilberry including skin and seed
95% body's absorption
Tasty chewable tablet without artificial sweetener or flavor
Good for children and elderly


Freeze Dried Whole Bilberry

No Additive
No Chemical
No Sweetener
Hand picked
Wild (Less pesticide than organic)

$7 (20g 0.7oz)
Shipping information
UK & Europe: 3-7 days by mail, USA & Worldwide: 1-2 weeks by mail (Please check with the national post service). Not available for Japan. Please contact us if your order does not arrive within 2 weeks (UK & Europe) or within 4 weeks (USA & Worldwide).
*A package box will be unfold in envelope to avoid possible damage.
Why Whole Food? Bilberry Effect on Eye Bilberry or Blueberry?  Reviews About  vs Extract
Why whole food supplement?
The nutrition within whole food supplements is not isolated but remains in natural way. The nutritional ingredients are highly complex structures that combine a variety of enzymes, coenzymes, antioxidants, trace elements, activators, and many other unknown or undiscovered factors all working together synergistically to enable this nutrition complex to do its job in your body.

Why is whole food supplement better than normal (synthetic) supplement?
Synthetic supplements isolate nutrition, which may make them less effective or may even cause imbalance in the body as medicine For example, vitamin C in synthetic supplement is ascorbic acid. But vitamin C in food is ascorbic acid combined with enzymes, antioxidants, and many other elements Human beings are designed to absorb nutrition in natural food form to have best effect

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Our bilberry whole food tablet is different from bilberry extract tablet/capsule

Our bilberry whole food tablet contains all nutritious in bilberry extract including anthocyanin, but bilberry extract does not contain the same as our tablet.

By sublingual absorption. The body will absorb the anthocyanin 9.5 times better than intestinal absorption and this is possible by Bilberry Sweden. So practically you absorb the anthocyanin 9.5 times better.

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Bilberry Effect on Eye

Many research have been done about bilberry's effect on eye.
"Study on activity of anthocyanosides extracted from Vaccinium myrtillus on night vision"
"Protective effects of bilberry ( Vaccinium myrtillus L.) extract against endotoxin-induced uveitis in mice."
"Vision preservation during retinal inflammation by anthocyanin-rich bilberry extract: cellular and molecular mechanism."
"Effect of fermented bilberry extracts on visual outcomes in eyes with myopia: a prospective, randomized, placebo-controlled study."
"Possibility of vision treatment of by anthocyanin"
"Stimulatory effect of cyanidin 3-glycosides on the regeneration of rhodopsin"
"Bilberry and its main constituents have neuroprotective effects against retinal neuronal damage in vitro and in vivo"
"Prolonged treatment with high dosage of Vaccinium myrtillus anthocyaniosides:Electrophysiological respons in myopic patients"
"Functions and Effects of Blueberries. Clinical Studies on Effects of Blueberry Extract on Mental Fatigue and Asthenopia "
"Effect of bilberry on dry eye syndrome and Oxidant stress "
Is it possible to improve the night vision of car drivers?"

There are also research about bilberry's effect on metabolic syndrome,Alzheimer's disease, parkinsonfs disease, dementia, heart disease, chronic diseases, stroke, cardiovascular diseases, coronary artery diseases, neurodegenerative diseases, cancer, Inflammatory Bowel Diseases. 

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About products
We have 2 products.
1. Bilberry Whole Food Tablet.

-9.5mm chewable tablet
-No sweetener or flavor, but only natural taste of bilberry
-95% absorption by body.
-Whole bilberry is used.
-Skin and seeds are in a tablet.
-Very little additives. (so we can recommend for children using tablet and smartphone)
-All process are under low temperature to save natural nutritious of raw bilberry.

2. Freeze Dried Whole Bilberry

-No Additive
-No Chemical
-No Sweetener
-Hand picked
-Wild (better than organic since absolutely no pesticide is used)
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About us

Pharberry is a Swedish company located at very north of Sweden where the highest anthocyanin bilberry grows in the world. Pharberry's tablets use non GMO.

Pharberry collaborates with Universities, Innovation offices and EU projects

Pharberry has received grants from the County Administrative Board for its innovation (our production process Is patent applied)

Pharberryfs tablet is made in Swedish GMP factory which is registered by FDA

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Bilberry is a kind of Blueberry
Bilberry is used in all bilberry/blueberry eye supplement. Other kinds of blueberry contain anthocyanin only in the skin (inside of the blueberry fruit is white color and contain very little anthocyanin). Whole bilberry contains anthocyanin both inside and outside (skin). You can easily tell since the color of anthocyanin is purple. @
@ Bilberry
 (Vaccinium myrtillus L)
(many different kinds)
Price High (Because it is picked by hand) Low (Because it is cultivated and picked by machine)
Growing Area Scandinavia (Sweden, Finland) North America and rest of the world
Main Usage Ingredient for eye supplement Food (jam, juice, frozen)
Pros High anthocyanin
Pesticide is less than organic blueberry since it is grow in natural
Grow naturally
Even and big size
Sweet taste
Cons Uneven size
It can not be cultivated
Pesticide is often used
Low anthocyanin

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